The Impossible Prediction

The magician asks for a volunteer to write down four numbers on a piece of paper.

The magician asks the volunteer to TOTAL up the numbers.

The magician opens a sealed envelope and it has the same number as the TOTAL!




Take a piece of paper and write down a four figure number that is 2 times the current year’s date.  For example, in the year 2016, the number would be = 4032.

(In the year 2017, the number would be = 4034.)

Seal the paper in the envelope.



At the show, ask someone in the audience to write down the year they were born.

EXAMPLE: Alice was born in 2001

Ask them to write down the year of an important event in their life (for example, the year they started school or the year they had their first cup of tea)

EXAMPLE: Alice had her first tea party in 2010

Ask them to write down their age
(How many years old will you be at the end of this year?)

EXAMPLE: Alice is 15 years old

Ask them to write down the number of years that have passed since the important event
(What anniversary will you celebrate in the current year?)

EXAMPLE: It’s been 6 years since Alice’s first tea party

Have the assistant TOTAL the 4 numbers.

2001 + 2010 + 15 + 6 = 4032

Open the envelope.  The TOTAL will be the same as the number you already wrote down!



These numbers HAVE to be right …  If it’s been 4 years since the event and she writes down 3, the trick won’t work.

The years have to be whole numbers (she can’t say she’s 6 and a half years old…it has to be 7.