The Hedgehog Thumb

The magician covers their thumb with a hanky then slowly pushes pins through the hanky into their thumb! They can even let people from the audience push pins in too!

Once the pins are removed – the magician’s thumb is perfectly fine – not even a tiny hole!



Find a piece of carrot about the size and shape of your thumb. You may have to carve it a little bit with a knife to get it perfect. (But only if you are allowed to use knives!!! If not, get an adult to help you with this part or you might REALLY cut your thumb!)


Hide the carrot in the hanky and you are ready to go.



Show your friends the hanky while secretly keeping the carrot hidden inside. This is the easiest way to do it.


Place the handkerchief over your fist, and put the carrot part in the top of your fist, making it look as if your thumb is sticking up from your hand.

Slowly push the pins through the hanky and into your thumb (NOT REALLY! The carrot is pretending to be your thumb so you are perfectly fine – but you can really act like each pin is hurting sooo much!)


You can even let your friend push a pin in – but make sure they push the pin in EXACTLY where you tell them to!

Then slowly pull each pin out one by one, pull the hanky off (secretly taking the carrot at the same time) and let the examine your perfectly fine thumb!